Decided that this Summer I’m going to try to learn what I can about taking photoscapes….land, sea, architecture, perhaps indoors at churches and other nicely appointed and large buildings–any of the old and grand auditoriums I can perhaps get into.

So, today I tried out the lens of choice for this, a Zeiss 21mm Distagon T* f.2.8, and here is one of the photos. At 21mm it’s fairly wide but I can’t see any distortion. Photo is even from corner to corner. It has beautiful contrast and color saturation. I shot a hundred pix with it, however, and after going through them cannot find any one spot in the photos that are 100% in focus. I guess this is, however, an almost cinematic (some say 3D) look that these lenses are known for.

If any one has any tips, or advice…I’m all ears.


14 thoughts on “Photoscapes – Zeiss 21mm Distagon T* f.2.8

  1. What a great idea. Sounds like you have a full summer ahead of you. I like the photo overall but I see what you mean about the focus. I have similar issues with my Tamron 18-270mm lens but for a different reason I”m sure. The main thing is you are out there shooting and learning.


  2. great job on the video! i liked how you had music behind your voice over, and a very cool image to replicate, it seemed like it was going to be difficult to do so, but you did it no problem. well done


  3. Loved your video. Made it look easy and fun. I cant speak for the fun part, but I know its not easy. great use of the apps, and great final result. shows the power of the apps. -Scott Newkirk


  4. Definitely the most professionally produced video of all the class. I enjoyed the voice, music selection, and the presentation of the way you used the apps, and your image was tough to do! I really enjoyed the way you chose to replicate it, great job!


  5. For your tutorial video:
    I like the music and animations, it made the video seem very enthusiastic and lively. Your video was very easy to follow along with. I liked your final collage as well, it seemed like a complicated image and you did a very good job! 🙂


  6. Your video was really good. I loved the spinning frames, the music and the narration. The pace of the video was right on. Not too slow, not too fast. The dark screen worked really well for showing the procedure.


  7. great video! you explained your apps clearly, and you and a few other used photo shop touch i need to try that out for sure.
    loved how you showed your final along with the original image you were duplicating. nice job 😉


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